東京 ・竹芝にあるホテル、「メズム東京」の舞台裏(バックステージ)からお送りするホテルバラエティ。最新のホテルニュース、ホテルにまつわる豆知識や裏話、ゲストとのホテルトークなど、メズムを中心にホテルがもっと好きになるコンテンツをお届けいたします。

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I am excited to announce the launch of our new podcast “Midnight Backstage” brought to you by mesm Tokyo, where I will also be serving as the host. Whether you are a regular guest at mesm Tokyo or new to our community, I am committed to delivering content that you will thoroughly enjoy.

〈About the Podcast〉
“Midnight Backstage” is a hotel variety show broadcasted from behind the scenes of Mesm Tokyo, located in Takeshiba, Tokyo. We will bring you the latest hotel news, fun facts and insider stories about hotels, engaging hotel talk with guests, and much more. This podcast aims to deepen your love for hotels, with a special focus on mesm Tokyo.